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The People of Rose 'N Thorns

The people of Rose 'N Thorns ...

Brad Miller Brad Miller
While he play's bass in Rose-N-Thorns Brad Miller's 1st instrument was the piano. I started taking piano lessons at age 7 after our family inherited the upright piano from our neighbor. After going through the standard piano courses in a short time we discovered a new piano teacher at a recital at the University of Iowa. It was after this time that I started playing the classical repertoire that continued through High School and College. Also about this time I started playing the cello. After a few years there I switched to String Bass (because I thought it was cooler) which I played in my High School and at the University of Iowa. Of course I picked up an electric bass along the way and started in with a few garage bands. I majored in music at the University Of Iowa with emphasis in piano performance. I continue to have opportunities to play the piano at church and other events which I enjoy greatly. Even though I am classically trained I like just about all kinds of music. My musical influences and favorites are many but at the top are The Grateful Dead, Jimmy Buffet, Beethoven, Blues, Beatles and many of the newer jam bands which I find extremely interesting.
Robert Riedesel Robert Riedesel
Robert sings vocals and plays keyboard & trumpet. Started in 1967 with a band called the Exotics, then the By and By's; later helped form Leater Soul.
In the 1980's - Night Wind, then joined Deliverance in the 90's and now with Rose 'N Thorns since 2003. Originally from Bennett, Ia. Robert has lived in Bettendorf and Davenport since 1973.
Mark Ridolfi Mark Ridolfi
Mark comes to Rose and Thorns as a fan and longtime friend to the band. He’s performed acoustically for years, focusing on storytelling songs, blues and some original compositions. “Rose and Thorns’ rich vocals, eclectic repertoire and musical creativity make our weekly rehearsals almost as much fun as our performances.”
Lyle Stratton Lyle Stratton
Lyle is old enough to have been influenced by the folk music popularity which started in the late Fifties and reached its nadir in the mid 60’s. He started playing guitar when he was 14 and was such a “folkie” that he initially paid little attention to the other musical genres. His early influences were John Stewart, Peter Paul & Mary, and The Beatles (starting with the White Album). Over the years he has expanded his interest to include blues, jazz, and gospel, as well as select C&W tunes and rock & roll, singing lead for the band on covers done by artists as diverse as bands Jethro Tull, U2, and singer/songwriters Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, Tommy Castro, and Randy Newman. Besides playing rhythm guitar for Rose ‘N Thorns he backs up some songs with harmonica.
Cathy Wetzel Cathy Wetzel
Cathy is a talented songwriter and has a gift for great lyrics that reflect the trials and successes of her life. She has performed with various bands since the 1970's and when not performing with Rose 'n Thorns she often performs with her husband Jerry, who is an accomplished guitar player. She is one of the main vocalist's for Rose 'n Thorns and also plays percussion and guitar.
James Wetzel James Wetzel
James is the youngest member of the band and is the son of fellow band member Cathy Wetzel. James is a full time student at the University of Iowa majoring in Physics and studying jazz guitar. He is able to perform with the band whenever he is in town and plays drums and an extremely impressive lead guitar.


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